Regina Catholic School Division

The Regina Catholic School Division’s IT department received upwards of 700 password reset calls each September.

Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) helps schools

Regina Catholic School District is a K-12 education association located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, serving more than 10,000 students and 900 staff members. The district implemented SSRPM to allow teachers and staff to quickly reset their own passwords without having to contact the IT department.

Prior to implementing SSRPM, each September the district’s IT department had to handle between the 400 and 700 password reset requests, each of which had to be handled one at a time. “While we would be resetting one password, we would have 15 more people calling in for password resets,” said Thomas Fennell, system infrastructure analyst at Regina Catholic School District.

SSRPM now allows teachers and other employees at the district to reset their own passwords without having to contact the IT department at all. They simply register with the solution — which consists of providing answers to security questions of their choice — then when they need to reset their password they correctly answer their security questions and are able to reset their password on their own.

“SSRPM has been a huge time saver for us. It has cut our password reset calls by more than 75 percent.”

Thomas Fennell, System Infrastructure Analyst at Regina Catholic School District.

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