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Pullman School District is located in Washington State and consists of three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. With over 2,800 active users and 1,100 supported machines in the district, the IT department at Pullman is extremely busy. The task of account management added to the headache since it was performed manually for all the staff and students in the district. IT staff would spend upwards of 10 to 15 minutes provisioning accounts for each staff member and student, which was extremely inefficient. In addition, the district didn’t have guidelines for provisioning user accounts, naming them, or cleaning them up.

The IT department at Pullman knew that the process was inefficient and that a solution was needed to solve their account management issues. While attending the APCE conference, they learned of Tools4ever’s User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA). “We did some research and couldn’t find any other solution that could do what UMRA does. It was the clear choice,” commented Jacob Bergman, Systems Administrator at Pullman School District. The district decided to implement UMRA Automation and began to work closely with Tools4ever to tailor the solution to their needs.

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