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Mountain View was unable to integrate Active Directory with its current Student Information System (SIS): Aeries. The helpdesk was also flooded with calls to reset passwords from staff.

Solving Integration Issues

Mountain View School District is located in El Monte, California. The district has approximately 6,100 students enrolled across ten elementary and two middle schools. Manually provisioning student accounts and staff password resets had become a serious burden, and the IT department needed a solution. IAM integrates with SIS Mountain View SD was struggling to find a way to integrate student accounts from their Student Information System, Aeries, into Active Directory. “[Before we implemented IAM,] we didn’t have a connection between Aeries and AD. We were constantly having to [manually] do account activations, deactivations, and more. For IAM to be able to provision
that process, it removes a lot of the work,” said Isyair Ramirez, Information Specialist at Mountain View School District.

“It is very helpful to have a solution that is flexible, [configurable], and can assist us in our compliance efforts in accordance with student data privacy laws.”

Isyair Ramirez, Informaion Specialist at Mountain View School District

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Mountain View School District was initially attracted to IAM due to its ability to seamlessly integrate with Aeries and Google. Prior to implementing IAM, Mountain View was using its SIS to handle the generation of student credentials. Aeries made it easy for Mountain View to drag and drop elements of student data into the generator. However, they found that Aeries was limited in its complexity of credentials (e.g. Username = FirstName + LastName + 3 digits of student ID), which led to some students getting into others’ accounts by simple deduction.

During the implementation of IAM, Tools4ever’s consultancy team worked with Mountain View on troubleshooting and redesigning workflows for account provisioning.

Continuing to alleviate staff with Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM)

After implementing IAM, Mountain View was able to have the new student accounts that were registered into Aeries automatically provisioned to all the systems needed. IAM assisted in providing the connection between Aeries and Active Directory, allowing for seamless integration of student accounts. IAM integrated with Aeries so well that Mountain View also decided to integrate with Google. “IAM saved us a lot of time. We didn’t have to think about it, and it allowed us to focus on other things,” said Isyair Ramirez, Information Specialist at Mountain View School District. In addition to integrating with Aeries and Google, IAM was able to generate much more complex sets of credentials for students to prevent the prior problem of easily discovering and accessing each other’s accounts. Eliminating this unauthorized access problem greatly assisted Mountain View’s efforts to stay in compliance with student data privacy laws. Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) Mountain View School District’s IT department was receiving an abundance of calls from staff to reset passwords. There was an issue with staff not feeling comfortable relaying their password over the phone to IT, leading them to often come down to the office. In turn, this created a lengthy, manual process for the IT department. SSRPM was a very quick implementation for Mountain View, and provided staff with a great alternative to reset their passwords. Now, instead of having to go down to the IT department, they are able to reset their passwords themselves. “I did look at other solutions for SSRPM and by far, SSRPM seemed easier to set up and the interface was easy to understand,” Ramirez stated.

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