MFA for Your School District

Considering implementing multifactor authentication for your school district? Learn more about the benefits and options by reading below or downloading the flyer.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA): Protecting Student Information in Your School District

Student Data Privacy Laws require all school districts to enforce complete protection of student information records. While your district may have put standard procedures and solutions in place to assist in these efforts, sometimes this is not enough. School districts have become a prime target for ransomware attacks as many attackers have realized the value of a student’s personal information to the school district.

What is MFA?

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a security process that requires two or more separate steps for a user to prove their identity. A combination of requirements allows the user to gain access to resources. At the district level, this combination of criteria is described as something your student knows (login credentials), something they have (QR code or One-Time Password (OTP)), and their location (at school).

Pairing MFA with Single Sign-On (SSO) provides an extra layer of security that dramatically decreases the risk of a ransomware attack on your district.

HelloID—Tools4ever’s comprehensive cloud-based solution—provides a dashboard accessible by Single Sign-On and protected with the most current and advanced MFA options in the market. HelloID MFA options include Email, SMS, FIDO2, Push to Verify, OTP, and more.

HelloID already integrates with many Student Information Systems like Skyward, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, and others. Furthermore, HelloID’s Multifactor Authentication can be configured at both the dashboard and individual application levels to securely protect your student data.

Protect Your Student Data

Many school districts have already implemented SSO solutions to help mitigate some of these security threats. By using SSO, districts are tightening up the potential points of entry by limiting all access to a single spot. With one centralized portal for data, districts enforce strict access control and complex password policies that bolster security.

MFA Benefits:

  • Implementing MFA can drastically improve the protection of student data
  • HelloID already has existing integrations with your Student Information System
  • MFA is a fully included “out-of-the-box” feature with HelloID’s SSO solution

Did you know?

  • School Districts are a prime target for ransomware attacks
  • Ransomware attacks hit over 1,000 US schools in 20191
  • These attacks can lead to millions of dollars in damages

Receiving a secondary code by text or email blocked…

  • 100% of automated bot attacks
  • 96% of bulk phishing attacks
  • 76% of direct targeted attacks
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