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To reduce password-related requests and to make care staff self-reliant, Maas & Waal care group looked for an opportunity to centralize authentication and password management.

From 400 password reset requests per month to two per week

Maas & Waal Care Group (zMW) provides a complete package of services covering care, housing and welfare in Land van Maas en Waal. The ISO-certified organization’s 800 employees work from five centers to deliver clients 24/7 care. Employees required a multitude of passwords to gain access to their care applications creating complex and time-consuming management for both users and administrators. In order to solve these problems, zMW implemented Tools4ever’s Access Management portal: HelloID.

Marco Peters, Maas & Waal’s IT Coordinator, became familiar with healthcare’s growing password problem: “Applications have their own password policies to ensure security. Unfortunately, the various password rules do not match each other. This quickly creates confusion and frustration among employees.” The authentication and password policies are enforced by the application vendors. The different password’s expiry schedules caused particular frustration for end users. “The user group is very knowledgeable in the field of care, but has less affinity with computers and IT.” Reducing the number of passwords with HelloID & E-SSOM makes it easy for employees to understand. HelloID’s central, user-friendly portal facilitates access via office desktops, Chromebooks, or even from home.

Cloud Applications via Active Directory (AD) Credentials

“IT management is responsible for the IT infrastructure, 45 applications, VOIP systems, Wi-Fi and the management of the optical fiber connections. We are also responsible for healthcare domotics.” Without enough time to address both, Maas & Waal’s IT administrators often have to choose between dedicating their efforts towards password resets or managing the technology environment. During larger projects or holiday periods that can see daily averages of 20 reset requests, external managers were brought in for assistance but the workload was still too much. “Unfortunately, it happened that a password ticket was sometimes only picked up after a few days,” Marco Peters continued. Now, employees logged into the HelloID using their Active Directory (AD) credentials can immediately and securely access applications such as YouForce, Planywhere, Outlook webmail, Qic, Sharepoint and UKON. 

“We immediately made the savings transparent and the organization wanted to keep this solution.”

Marco Peters, IT Coordinator

Password reset by users themselves

Through HelloID, AD accounts serve as the Identity Provider for all applications. Further, Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) allows employees to securely reset those AD credentials themselves at any time. Employees no longer had to wait for IT, and can navigate to the reset portal via a web page or the Windows login screen. Secure challenge and response questions provide verification steps before the user may change any values. Even if the account is locked, the user can unlock it themselves.

Biggest challenge

Marco Peters: “Password management has been a problem for years. The challenge was to convince management to invest in a solution, especially because budgets are shrinking further and further. I finally took the step to start the pilot with Tools4ever, after which [everyone] immediately saw the benefits. I should have done this much sooner. We immediately made the savings transparent and the organization wanted to keep this solution immediately. “


By centralizing password management, Maas & Waal’s IT department controls the different password requirements and the authentication process. Employees are authenticated via Active Directory (AD) regardless of the application. This applies to both Windows (client) applications and (online) web applications. Employees are no longer confronted with different passwords and different expiration dates. Now, the administrators can focus on maintenance and projects and night-time reset calls have been eliminated with employees able to perform their own resets. Password-related tickets have plummeted to only 2 per week. The average turnaround for a reset has similarly plummeted from up to 5 days to as fast as the user can type.


  • Active Directory serves as the primary authentication source
  • Password resets available 24/7
  • Single Sign-On for all applications
  • Log in to cloud applications easily and quickly
  • IT can focus on major projects and employees can work more efficiently
  • Central administration and control over password management
  • Fast implementation and direct result

About tools4ever – identity management experts in healthcare

More than 1 million global health care professionals use Tools4ever’s password and user management solutions. Tools4ever helps organizations with password management issues such as: Single Sign-On, Self-Service password reset, access management and strong authentication. In addition, Tools4ever has a broad portfolio of user account management solutions including: provisioning, workflow management, service automation and access governance (role-based access). These solutions help healthcare organizations to maintain control over access to information and to organize IT efficiently and effectively.

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