Key Cloud Principles

Tools4ever’s HelloID provides organizations with a cloud-only Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution running on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure. In this document we explain the philosophy behind our cloud-only design, how we assist with your cloud migration, our own security efforts, and how customers benefit.

Tools4ever’s customers have been rapidly migrating their IT landscapes to the cloud. This IT shift is primarily driven by a need for greater flexibility and adaptation. Additionally, cloud technologies provide organizations a cost-efficient method to focus on optimizing core business operations.

As part of these widespread migration strategies, our customers also demand our Identity and Access Management solutions to be cloud-based. We are listening.

HelloID is fully designed, developed, and tested for public cloud deployment.

In this white paper we explore 4 questions:

  1. What is the state of the cloud? How mature is the technology and what is the adoption level of cloud solutions?
  2. How does our Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud provider (Microsoft Azure) guarantee business critical requirements in areas like reliability, security and data protection?
  3. What design, development and operational principles does Tools4ever follow to guarantee optimized reliability, security and data protection for our IDaaS offerings that run on Azure?
  4. How are Tools4ever and Azure certified for quality and verified by independent parties in the market?

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