IDM User Stories for Education

Trying to envision how an Identity Management solution will benefit everyone in your school or district? Download this white paper to find out the benefits your numerous user-types will gain.

Many Users = Many Challenges
IDM = Many Benefits

School district technology environments must serve numerous user types grappling with different dilemmas and demands. Most believe that meeting all of these needs and remaining within budget requires serious trade-offs.

However, Identity Management (IDM) solutions provide any district with the foundation to maximize, track, and secure their educational efforts.

The User Stories presented within this document are intended to provide the reader with an understanding of different individuals’ needs throughout their responsibilities and how implementing a results-driven IDM solution benefits all of them.

Included User Stories:

  • Elementary School Student (5th Grader)
  • High School Teacher
  • IT Staff
  • Curriculum Director
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