Identity & Access Management (IAM) for Healthcare

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Providing your healthcare organization with HelloID

Tools4ever’s HelloID solution provides your hospital or healthcare organization with automated and standardized identity and access management processes. HelloID oversees user account management, provisioning, employee on and offboarding, access rights management, self-service, delegation, and more. Via a centralized dashboard, the solution streamlines operational efficiency and assists with compliance efforts for HIPAA and many other regulations.

Secure and compliant User Management

The healthcare industry is trusted with substantial collections of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), so it is important that extra steps are taken to protect it. To safeguard this sensitive data against breaches or malicious activity, healthcare organizations have implemented measures such as complex passwords, more comprehensive audit trails for logging user activity, and are transitioning from generic/shared accounts to individual accounts. However, managing these operational changes piles burden after burden upon IT departments across the industry. Implementing an automated Identity & Access Management system will reduce the stress in the IT departments and allow them reprioritize to more impactful projects instead of menial management tasks – both cutting costs and optimizing operations.

Tools4ever’s HelloID software solutions are deployed by a large number of hospitals, mental healthcare facilities and elderly care organizations throughout North America for the following:

  • Automatic User Provisioning
  • Workflow Management and Self-Service
  • Helpdesk Delegation
  • Business Rules
  • Downstream Provisioning
  • Increased Security and Activity Logging

Why would you need HelloID?

  • Reduce risk of data breaches
  • Centralize access control
  • Decrease number of helpdesk calls

Automatic User Provisioning & Business Rules

Business Rules support the management of employee access rights for applications and data. This replaces manual, imperfect, and error-prone access management practices and allows for higher security within each role. With Business Rules, user account rights and privileges are issued on the employee’s first day, updated as needed, and withdrawn when no longer applicable. An authorization matrix enforcing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is used to determine their accessible resources, which may include network or physical locations, financial systems, and apps among others.


  • Employees are able to be productive right on arrival thanks to rapid provisioning of accounts and resources.
  • Changes are processed quickly and accurately across the network without any manual intervention.
  • Centralized information makes it more efficient to manage user account details.
  • Improved security and extensive audit trails

Workflow Management and Self-Service

Workflow Management and Self-Service allows employees to request resources and managers can immediately approve them without any IT intervention. Managers know best what resources user accounts should have to meet their team’s and the organization’s needs. HelloID places focus on the managers and employees to streamline the user provisioning process for apps, shares, and more.

Helpdesk Delegation

Helpdesk Delegation permits less-technical IT staff to safely perform account management. HelloID allows them to create, process, and remove accounts, as well as reset passwords without any explicit IT knowledge.

Tools4ever delivers a secure, efficient working environment for your Helpdesk Delegation. Our implementation experience includes standardized questionnaires, experienced HelloID consultants, and a library of hundreds of helpdesk scenarios.


  • Improved Security: Less technical staff no longer need advanced admin rights to perform basic user account management tasks.
  • Enhanced staff productivity: No longer restricted to high-level IT staff, changes can be performed by all employees. Your team’s overall efficiency will skyrocket.
  • Rapid implementation: By using standardized processes and tools, your teams will be up-and-running quickly.

Downstream Provisioning

Downstream Provisioning enables you to automatically connect to systems and applications for managing user accounts.


  • Short user account creation lead time: New employees have the proper authorizations to the network as well as adjacent systems and applications from day one.
  • Reduced management burden for applications: System Admins are less burdened with managing user account changes thanks to automated processes via connectors.
  • Standardized management of user accounts: The process of managing user accounts is deployed in the same, uniform manner for all systems and applications in the network.
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