HelloID Service Automation

Download this flyer to learn more about Service Automation—HelloID’s self-service platform facilitating user requests and managerial assignments for changing resource access needs.

Still waiting for access to IT resources? Is your IT department overburdened? Streamline self-service instead.

Today’s users manage their own, personal cloud and IT resources with ease. Why should work be any different? Ditch delays with HelloID’s Service Automation. Tools4ever’s self-service platform boosts productivity for users and the helpdesk.

Minimize wait times and helpdesk costs. Maximize end user productivity and satisfaction. Take back IT’s time for bigger projects and innovation.

HelloID’s self-service portal, Service Automation, allows users to look up applications and other services their roles may require. The requests are routed directly to their manager or the resource owner, for one-click approval or denial. HelloID automatically fulfills the approved requests and the user receives immediate access. Putting pragmatic business decisions in managers’ hands leads to better tracking of license counts and resource usage. Service Automation frees up IT from the cumbersome verification and fulfillment processes via a more modern and professional platform.

Increase IT innovation

HelloID’s Service Automation directly integrates request processes and their automatic fulfillment into any organization’s environment. This fundamental difference sets Tools4ever’s solution apart from existing helpdesk systems that still require IT to manually process tickets. An employee’s role and activities change over time. For example, users might need to request ad hoc project resources, distribution list or group memberships, specific applications with license counts, or file shares. They might require this access continually or simply for a specific duration. Automations and configurations keep Service Automation’s “product catalog” up to date, determining the resources displayed as available according to a given user’s role. Items such as newly created shares immediately become visible and requestable. Automated fulfillment reduces IT’s workload – both modernizing IT services and freeing up the ability to innovate.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Active Directory integration and connections to more than 150 IT systems & applications ensure automatic fulfillment of approved requests. Approvals set for a specific duration are automatically removed upon conclusion to prevent security risks or unnecessary expenditures on resources (e.g. license counts). Service Automation helps eliminate annoying barriers caused by manual fulfillment. Long waits and reduced productivity for managers and their employees become legacy problems.

Integrate with existing platforms

HelloID Service Automation seamlessly integrates with leading portals, social intranet, and managed IT services. Tools4ever actively cooperates with suppliers such as TOPdesk, ZenDesk, Triptic (Iris Intranet) and a & m impact. By integrating service automation functionality, existing users continue with previous systems instead of learning new ones. The portal provides users with the ability to see available IT resources and track their request statuses.

Minimize compliance concerns

Managing your IT environment becomes difficult with cloud transitions. Adhering to legal regulations further complicates the switch from on-premise when accounting for audits, compliance, and security risks. With HelloID’s Service Automation, managers retain far greater control over their environments and workflows with one-click approval/denials. HelloID logs all activity to provide records with insightful information. The self-service platform maintains greater transparency for both managers and their employees regarding access rights, minimizing confusing processes and obfuscating pollution. On-demand, detailed reports readily demonstrate who has access to which resources and when licenses expire. Managing your environment and compliance efforts has never been so simple.

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