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The HelloID database contains global configuration settings and customer information. Your customer database will contain all of your organization’s specific configurations and user data. All data, sensitive or otherwise, is encrypted using an RSA 1024-bit encryption key. Each customer has their own separate database and encryption key.

The customer can configure exactly which user data is available for retrieval from other source systems and stored in the HelloID database. Administrators use the HelloID attribute mapper to configure which attributes from the source system—Active Directory (AD) in this example—will be used in the HelloID database. Thus, if the first name of a user is stored in AD, the customer may choose whether this attribute will be made available in HelloID.

This configurable mapping ensures that the HelloID database always remains fully compliant with your organization’s privacy and security policy. All tenants with a HelloID instance are completely insulated from each other. This way, only the relevant data is synchronized instead of 100% of the available fields.

Internet Communications

The HelloID web server communicates with components over the internet using HTTPS. The level of encryption is TLS 1.2, AES with 256-bit encryption.

Security Highlights

We implement security standards to ensure internal and external security. Amongst various technical security standards like HTTPS, SSL certificates, RSA, and AES encryption.

  1. Testing: HelloID is penetration tested by Deloitte according to NCSC ICT-B v2 guidelines & use of OWASP.
  2. Zero Trust (that you can trust): Increase security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) for any application or even the entire portal.
  3. Backup: Backups are stored and encrypted in multiple data centers in the Azure Cloud for protection/ resiliency.

Active Compliance

Tools4ever has an active compliance and certification policy. A recent example of this is our HelloID OpenID certification. The HelloID OpenID certification confirms the high quality of the OpenID Connect implementation as part of our HelloID Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution. This further reinforces our customers’ confidence in the quality of our services.

Our cloud IDaaS provider, Microsoft Azure, maintains the largest compliance portfolio in the industry in terms of breadth (total number of offerings) and depth (number of customer-facing services). Compliance covers major, globally applicable standards and certifications.

Deloitte Security Testing

In addition to in-house testing done by our team of security experts, HelloID is externally tested twice a year by the top-class ethical hackers of Deloitte.

Deloitte is an independent, highly-qualified market leader in information security and was ranked first in global Security Consulting Services for six consecutive years by Gartner. By proactively and frequently testing our security solutions, we can meet and exceed security requirements while complying with relevant industry standards.

We Provide Backups for Peace of Mind

Your HelloID data is backed up, encrypted, and stored in multiple data centers for maximum redundancy. In the event of a disaster, your information can be recovered and restored to any point in time. This recovery can be completed as needed or upon customer request.

We create backups within very short periods of time (e.g., SQL DB backups). These can be used to restore your instance to the specific cloud environment from any point in time. Backups are stored and encrypted in multiple data centers in the Azure Cloud for protection/ resiliency. Restoring a customer’s instance can be performed anytime on request.

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