HelloID Provisioning 10 Minute Overview

In this video, we will provide you with a 10 minute high level overview of the HelloID Provisioning module.

Of HelloID
Designed for the Cloud

Whether operating in 100% cloud environments or getting your migration underway, HelloID has you covered. Take better control over your cloud identity management or add resources step-by-step.

Connect all of your systems and applications, automate provisioning and account management, and ensure seamless access from personalized, SSO-enabled dashboards.

Automatic Monthly Updates

HelloID is a “true cloud solution”. This allows us to automatically roll out monthly updates unlike makeshift or hosted “cloud” products. HelloID’s updates let your IT staff focus on your direct needs; we have you covered with cloud IAM’s latest.

Even with HelloID’s impressive capabilities, we’re continually working to push the limits of cloud IAM. Every time we do, you can too.

Rapid Results

Installing and configuring HelloID only takes a matter of hours. Intuitive interfaces let you choose the systems and applications to connect to, the attributes mapped from source systems, access policies, and more with greater control than ever.

Once set up, you decide who manages the solution: Tools4ever, one of our trusted implementation partners, or your organization.

Automated, Expanded, & Simplified

HelloID’s automated provisioning significantly expands on UMRA and IAM’s capabilities that reclaimed countless hours your IT staff lost to manual efforts. Even better, HelloID’s simplified interfaces and automations provide much more granular control and insight to make management easier than ever. Further, self-service functionality (“Service Automation”), access management (e.g., SSO, MFA), and more now provide capabilities only dreamed of when UMRA first launched.

Security & Compliance

HelloID immediately boosts your security and compliance efforts with role-based access controls, configurable authentication policies (e.g., MFA), audit trails and more.

IT auditors frequently praise our customers for their outstanding compliance evaluations. All HelloID tenants run in a maximum-security Azure environment, which is thoroughly checked by Deloitte Risk Services every six months. Security compliance is guaranteed.

Decreased Total Cost of Ownership

With HelloID, there is no trade-off between cost savings and security; zero infrastructure investment is required. We provide balanced growth in stages without any loss of control or security during transitions. You’re free to begin with the modules of your choice, rolled out in the most sensible progression for your environment and operations. Managing your identity management has never been easier or more affordable.

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