HelloID Overview

Identity and Access Management (IAM) software has long played a key role in IT environments.

Identification, authentication, and authorization ensure that users have the right access at the right time. But the role of Identity Management is changing. These changes are driven by growth in cloud services, new data regulations, increasing automation, and remote work. Below, we outline these trends.

HelloID: The Next Generation of IDaaS

With HelloID—Tools4ever’s Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution—we are ahead of these important developments. HelloID is a full-fledged native cloud application. It automates your organization’s entire identity lifecycle. Your users get easy and secure access to their IT services. You are relieved of the burden of maintaining costly local hardware, software, and storage infrastructure.

Installation and configuration are accomplished within a matter of hours. You decide who will manage the solution: Tools4ever, one of our trusted implementation partners, or your own organization.

With HelloID, there is no trade-off between cost savings and security. In fact, IT auditors frequently praise our customers for their outstanding compliance evaluations. All HelloID tenants run in a maximum-security Azure environment, which is thoroughly checked by Deloitte Risk Services every six months. Security compliance is guaranteed.

Plus, we offer you a balanced growth path. HelloID doesn’t force you into a ‘big bang’ adoption scenario with big risks and pressure. Instead, HelloID is split into modules. The roll-out takes place in stages. You are free to start with the module(s) of your choice. If necessary, active modules can be disabled without disturbing other modules.

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