HelloID Overview

Looking to better understand the ins-and-outs of HelloID? Please download this flyer for a quick, 101 overview, or read on below.

Cloud Conundrum? Implement Identity Access Management (IAM) as a Service

Organizations rely more and more on cloud-hosted IT resources to drive success. The transition from on-premise brings new challenges, however. Providing users with simple yet safe access to disconnected resources remains foremost. The IT team must manage this multiplication of accounts from provisioning, to new requests, to password resets, to deactivation. IT management burdens add up fast and demanding regulations exacerbate any missteps.

HelloID, an IAM solution

HelloID is a complete, cloud-based IAM solution that streamlines secure access, optimizes organizational efficiency, and minimizes compliance risk. HelloID’s end-to-end IDaaS platform for users and admins does it all from a user-friendly and secure dashboard without breaking the bank. Setup and configuration are complete in just a few hours, with Tools4ever providing automatic updates and maintenance moving forward. Run in a highly-secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment tested by Deloitte Risk Services every 6 months, HelloID helps your organization wave goodbye to management, security, and compliance worries.

Access Management

HelloID offers authenticated users easy 24/7 access to cloud applications and resources from anywhere and on any device. Configurable policies and authentication methods safeguard the HelloID dashboard – including optional Multifactor Authentication (MFA). HelloID supports all Single Sign-On protocols (e.g. SAML, OpenID) to connect users to their cloud applications.

Service Automation – Self-Service and Workflow Management

HelloID’s Service Automation (Self-Service) provides users, managers, and resource owners with request/ approval processes right from their dashboard. Users request access to a resource and a notification is sent directly to the configured manager for one-click approval/ denial. HelloID automatically processes and logs the request without the need of helpdesks, run-arounds, or signatures. Request processes can be configured for everything from applications to data shares to equipment sign-outs, which boosts organization-wide efficiency.

Dynamic Forms

HelloID allows you to build custom dynamic forms to streamline time-consuming tasks. For example, you can build a form to delegate group management to non-IT staff: simply search for a user, select from the filtered results, use a dropdown to select the specific group, and submit – job done. Additional power and flexibility are at your fingertips when you leverage HelloID’s PowerShell engine and external APIs. The sky is the limit!


HelloID Provisioning automates user account management and permissions by integrating with the HR system in your organization. The entire user account life cycle is automated. New hires receive appropriate permissions on their first day. As they progress within the company, or leave, these permissions get adjusted. New hires can log in to HelloID Access Management and access all the applications required to do their job, without any hassle or waiting. Employees can also make other requests and get immediate approval via HelloID’s Service Automation.

Reporting, Audits, and Security

HelloID logs all user and admin activity – authentication attempts, unique logins, resource requests and more – with tracking for every process stage. Readily available reports eliminate surprises, ensuring your organization can trace who did what and when.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

HelloID provides configurable MFA, among other access policies, for increased authentication security. Send push and pin code notifications directly to users’ phones via the one-time password (OTP) client of your choice (e.g. Google or Microsoft Authenticators).

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