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Tools4ever’s partners have been rapidly migrating their IT landscapes to the Cloud, and are increasingly consulting our expertise to ensure success. The key driver behind cloud migrations has been a need for greater flexibility and adaptation while enforcing strict security. Cloud technologies provide cost-efficient methods to optimize core business operations, greatly increase secure user access, and drastically reduce management efforts and cost. As part of these widespread migration strategies, our partners have been vocal about our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions being cloud-based.

Ready for Change

Cloud infrastructure provides today’s primary IT deployment method. Despite such, organizations still harbor some understandable concerns—particularly regarding security and data management. Organizations confronting the transformative migration of their IT landscape from on-premise to an external cloud environment are often daunted.

That’s where the role of Tools4ever and MSPs come in. We both provide the consultative expertise and IT management to help our partners with this disruptive, but extremely beneficial (and increasingly necessary) transition.

HelloID’s secure Cloud platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure and backed by biannual Deloitte testing. It has an active compliance and certification policy and uses RSA 1024 bit encryption.

HelloID Benefits

HelloID implementations provide organizations with:

  1. Easy Account Setup: Provisioning to set up new user accounts with all downstream resources.
  2. Self-Service Platform: Allows users to directly request resources from their manager or the appropriate decision-maker.
  3. Custom Access Policies: Configurable, strong access policies such as date/time, IP address, and conditional Multifactor Authentication.
  4. Increase in Efficiency: SSO and a personalized cloud dashboard, greatly increasing efficiency and security while eliminating repetitive logins.
  5. Peace of Mind: Multifactor authentication (MFA) fully included “out-of-box” at both SSO portal and app levels.
  6. High Level Insight: Audit trails that comprehensively log all user activity for detailed records.

Trusted Cloud Solution

Migrating an organization to the Cloud means far more than some simple application rollouts. It also means adapting their methods and processes to best suit modern business environments and a drastically different way of working.

The days of direct access to on-premise resources are quickly disappearing. Now, every cloud-hosted resource requires its own accounts, login processes, and management. Account creation, provisioning, enforcing secure access, deactivation, and more are all rapidly transforming. With such comes the need for Multifactor Authentication (MFA), seamless integrations, self-service platforms, and insightful business intelligence to keep pace with your customers’ industry and technology’s advancements.

Is your MSP ready to support your customers’ cloud migrations with cutting edge technologies backed by the knowledge base to provide continuous business consultancy, IT management, and technical support?

IDaaS Experts & HelloID’s Solution Suite

For over 20 years, Tools4ever has been a leading Identity and Access Management vendor. We manage more than 10 million user accounts across our solutions, partnering with organizations across various sectors ranging from 50 to more than 200,000 employees.

Our IDaaS solution suite helps our partners manage Identity and Access Governance (IAG), Single Sign-On (SSO), provisioning, self-service, delegated workflows, password resets, and more. HelloID is fully designed, developed, and tested to meet any organization’s cloud management needs.

Tools4ever Training

We want to make sure our MSP partners are as knowledgeable about HelloID as we are, so we provide training covering the full scope of the product. This allows you to fully manage your customers’ implemented instances on your own.

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