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Learn how to build and execute custom processes via HelloID’s Dynamic Forms. Read on or download the flyer here.


Introduction to Dynamic Forms

HelloID’s Dynamic Forms empower every user within your organization by making management and request processes easier than ever. HelloID achieves this via the solution’s PowerShell engine and external APIs. Dynamic Forms eliminate tedious, labor-intensive user management for admins, help desk employees, and even end users with the ability to rapidly make or request changes in your network, target systems, and HelloID itself.

Building Custom Forms

HelloID allows admins and IT to intuitively build custom forms for all manner of processes. Simply connect the desired components (e.g. Password Input, Grid, Checkbox Input, Drop Down) within the form builder to organize fields and their layout. Tools4ever provides some ready-made scripts for common processes and admins may build whatever custom scripts they can imagine.

The dynamic capability relies on pulling information from data sources and external APIs into form components via PowerShell scripts. This occurs as users complete the associated fields in real time. Data entered into the form filters the retrieved results. For example, if an admin wanted to see which group memberships have been assigned to a specific user, they simple enter the given username in the prompted field and are immediately provided with a filtered, selectable list.

Execute Tasks

HelloID’s Dynamic Forms allow for any authorized user to execute administrative tasks and processes regardless of their technical knowledge. Tedious user management and provisioning that required significant network knowledge may now be performed from within the HelloID portal. The simplified interface allows admins to manage users faster than ever, with the ability to delegate tasks to help desk staff or other users without elevating their permissions. HelloID’s self-service module, Service Automation, even allows end users to submit requests for applications, file shares, equipment sign-outs, and more via forms.

IT admins can ensure immediate, uniform process execution by utilizing HelloID’s Dynamic Forms. Once a form is submitted, HelloID automatically carries out the process according to specified configurations. As an example, a manager can provision their users at any time with access to a specific application or file share via dynamic forms. Similarly, users may request resources via self-service form inputs. Forms may require authorization before processing, in which case they are routed to the user’s manager or the appropriate “resource owner” for approval/denial. Changes are always carried out correctly and managers never have to chase down IT or numerous approval signatures to provide that user with immediate access.

Track Activity

HelloID automatically logs all admin and user activity for management’s overview, user tracking, and audit preparation. When a dynamic form is submitted and the associated process carried out, HelloID stores a record of the activity’s “who, what, and when”. Reporting capabilities allow admins to review these actions to ensure network security and regulatory compliance. HelloID easily shows who has accessed what and Dynamic Forms allow admins to rapidly make adjustments as needed. Managers and end users may also monitor their submitted forms and self-service requests to track progression.

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