Godley Independent School District

Godley was unable to keep up with rapid student growth. Manually provisioning accounts and access to resources was becoming a challenge.

Automating manual processes with UMRA

Godley Independent School District is located in Godley, Texas. The district has approximately 2,600 students and staff across four schools covering K-12 grade levels. Godley ISD was overwhelmed with an increase in students to the point that manual account provisioning became a problem. The school district looked to UMRA to take over account creation by automating these processes.

“Prior to UMRA, we were 100% manually doing our account creation. One of us made the AD account, one of us was on Google, and so on… It took us days to make sure everything for new student accounts were in order. With UMRA, it’s instant. We have it down to where we can count on everything being in place within an hour (after enrolling in Skyward and watching the dominos take off). It’s amazing compared to what it used to be,” said Marty Oliver, Technology Director at Godley ISD.

“It was the cost, features, and the support that led us to you guys. The support was a really big deal to us, even as streamlined as this may have been there are also special cases, and you all were always on top of it. There were other solutions in the market at the time, but it didn’t feel as custom and cost-effective as you guys.”

Marty Oliver, Technology Director at Godley ISD

HelloID’s Single Sign-On helps functionality of investments

After seeing the way UMRA automated their account creation processes, Godley ISD sought to replicate their automation efforts with their textbooks and online resources. Previously, Godley had a Google page with a list of links to their resources. This method made it very difficult for students to remember which credentials belong with which resource. Students were wasting half of their 30-minute lab time just getting logged in. By implementing HelloID’s Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, Godley was able to enhance their Chromebook investment, bringing seamless, secure accessibility to students and staff both inside and outside of the classroom. With SSO (and QR code logins up to the fourth-grade level), Godley was able to make class time a true ‘bell-to-bell’ experience. “After implementing HelloID, we saved the resources from having to hire an actual position. It would have been a data entry person on campus level that we probably would have needed with the old method. For UMRA, it’s the same thing but for district level (account creation). It’d be] like 5 positions [to hire and dedicate resources to when you think about all of the textbook and resources that have to be managed,” said Marty Oliver. “When it comes to HelloID, we talk with a lot of vendors who ask if we have an SSO solution or not. Our attitude is ‘That’s fine, but if you want to work with us, you’ll have to work with them. We’re not switching, we trust them.’ We’re just super happy with the product and the support.”

Relieving bottlenecks with Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM)

After witnessing all the time saved with HelloID’s Single Sign-On, Godley decided to step up their internal processes even further, and adopted Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM). With SSRPM, Godley’s students can reset passwords both on campus and at home, with zero intervention needed from the IT department. Oliver explains, “When you’re at a certain size, you start to cross thresholds where you face problems that you didn’t face before, and Tools4ever’s solutions help us keep everything on track as we continue to grow.”

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