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Forest ICT’s extensive knowledge of the educational sector ensures that they understand the role and importance of ICT in schools, including teaching and learning, and business administration.

The appropriate use of ICT can engage learners, provide opportunities for sharing and collaboration, and promote personalised learning pathways that accommodate delivering learning styles and abilities.

Forest ICT now support a number of primary schools across Gloucestershire.

They recognise it is important that the day to day running of each school is as efficient as possible to allow their teams to focus on learning & the tools required to teach.

Automated Account Management

Kevin Stacey, ICT Consultant from Forest ICT said “Its time consuming manually creating user accounts and managing multiple school networks /ADs. We really needed a solution that was easy to configure and would run in the background; my process was simple – contact SIMS for new students and populate Active Directory with their details.”

Of course, NIM has been configured to read SIMS reports to create new users as Kevin requested. However, NIM also updates accounts, for example when a name changes, or a student changes class/groups, and more importantly removes accounts as the student leaves the school.

Office 365 is handled by NIM, home directories are created if required and soon we will add our Teams connector to update permissions and update the kid’s diaries with class information.

“It’s fabulous, the GUI is nice and simple yet powerful, and as always the support from Tools4ever is great – just a couple of hour sessions to get the connections in and I’m all good to go – I can now replicate this to all our other schools”

Easier to Manage, Monitor and Make Changes

Making changes to connected systems is now easy. Forest ICT can pull any data they want from SIMS and write it anywhere – the NIM Service is extremely fast and reliable.

“Having a tool on hand to run this automation is a must, with cloud services becoming ever more popular I know that when a child leaves, their accounts are terminated immediately”


Now the schools are automated, Kevin’s user management tasks are next to nothing. Staff and Students are automatically provisioned, updated as their details change, and terminated as they leave the school.

Forest ICT can now concentrate on providing systems that aid teaching rather than being account creators.

Service Automation

The next step for Forest ICT is to add the Service Automation module to NIM. Service Automation offers dedicated Service Desk functions to the Provisioning module, along with Self Service functions for end users. This means anything that is not covered by the provisioning system can be managed with Service Automation, from application password reset to Azure group changes, to the creation of accounts – all with advanced workflow.

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