CentraState Healthcare

A secure and automated method was implemented to manage the user account lifecycle in Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange for employees at all six locations.

Health organization implements user account management

CentraState Healthcare System (Freehold, NJ) is a non-profit community health organization consisting of an acute-care hospital, three senior living centers, a health education and activities center, a family medicine residency program, and a charitable foundation. Regulatory compliance and the ever growing need for doing more with less, is the reason CentraState focuses on continually improving their internal IT processes. They set the task of finding a secure and automated method for managing the user account lifecycle in Active Directory and Exchange. Lauro Araya, Network Administrator, stated, “When the search started, our IT-staff were managing the process manually utilizing Microsoft Active Directory Users and Computers. This was a time consuming process and we want to avoid this manual intervention.”

Project goals

CentraState wanted to ensure consistency from a single point of data entry (the Lawson Human Resource application) and a quick and accurate turn-around for account requests. More specifically, they wanted to be able to easily create users in the proper Organizational Unit (based on location and department), create email accounts on the proper server/store based on location, and the ability to disable user accounts immediately upon termination for greater regulatory compliance. Lauro Araya commented on choosing Tools4ever, “We selected the Tools4ever User Management Automation module along with professional services to complete the bidirectional link between Lawson and Active directory. UMRA in itself is a great product. The excellent technical support from their engineers makes it stand out from the rest.”

Meeting and exceeding goals

Tools4ever adapted to suit the special needs of the CentraState; for instance, the naming requirements for Active Directory and Exchange mailboxes. They also defined business logic within the product to allow the automatic placement of users into the correct Organisational Unit based upon their specific location and department. This information is utilized to ensure mailboxes are created within the proper server and store. When an employee termination occurs, the information is processed by User Management and accounts are appropriately disabled and then deleted after a specific period of time has passed. Information that is created during the Active Directory processing, such as User Account Name and e-mail address, is fed back to the Lawson database twice a day. This keeps the Lawson database up to date also.

“The Tools4ever implementation was one of the most highly valuable, cost efficient solutions that I have ever implemented.”

Mark Handerhan, IT Manager, CentraState Healthcare System


Approximately 2 weeks after commencement, the entire project was implemented and operational. The reduction in time spent by the staff managing the user account lifecycle was tremendous. Mark Handerhan, IT Manager, stated, “TheTools4Ever implementation was one of the most highly valuable, cost effective solutions that I’ve ever implemented. We have taken the manual intervention out of the equation for many mundane AD /user tasks, such as disabling network accounts. User accounts are now disabled in real-time once terminated in Lawson. I believe efficiency is the best seller here.”

Security and compliance

With HIPAA honing in on healthcare organizations, threatening fines and enforcing compliance, organizations are looking for easy and cost effective ways to ensure both compliance and feasibility. “Besides the time reduction, the implementation provides us with a greater level of network security, while also assuring compliance with industry standard regulations such as HIPAA.” – Mark Handerhan.

Continuing the mission

The IT staff at CentraState can now spend more time on mission critical support and planning. CentraState have a continuing objective of improving their internal IT processes. Right now they are piloting the Tools4ver Account Provisioning system. Lauro Araya concludes: “The quick and positive results of this project and the first class quality of the products ensure that we will definitely engage Tools4ever if needed in the future.”

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