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Marysville School District implements IAM

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Marysville School District

  • Implementation of IAM's forms and workflow delegation modules (previously known as UMRA)
  • Projected cost savings minumum of $40,000 for the first year and an additional $30,000 yearly. Fast user account administration

UMRA’s forms and delegation modules saves time and money for Marysville School District

Marysville School District had over 12,500 users that needed to be imported into active directory and the school district did not have time or manpower to do it manually. Manual scripting was not an option as they did not have the scripting experience or time to obtain a script for importing users. It was decided that the school district needed a professional and secure solution to help ease the administrative overhead of implementing and administering Active Directory. Without a full featured software they knew they would not have been able to easily add users or administer user accounts.

Proactive solutions for user account management

With User Management Resource Administrator, Marysville School District was able to create projects using variables that could be used for any site that needed to import users for with no modifications to the project script. It also imported over 12,000 users in little time which allowed administrators to work on other important tasks. They were able to import users quickly and get the domain active and running in a short time.

"User Management Resource Administrator is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to administer a domain. The software was very easy to use and learn. The GUI interface is very clean and easy to read. The support we got while we were using the demo was excellent as well and has not stopped since".

Jerry Davis, Systems Administrator for Marysville

Return on Investment

"The software has saved us a minimum of $40,000 the first year alone. I expect that once all of the schools are completely operational we will save $30,000 per year at a minimum. Managing Active Directory is now a much simplified task," said Jerry Davis, Systems Administor. The daily maintenance activities, including adding, creating and unlocking or resetting passwords for their users is now handled routinely using the forms module. The Forms and Delegation module allows them to do this with a click of a button from their desktops without entering into Active Directory Users and Computers. "We can also do yearly clean ups and moves of users that are no longer in our schools or that are moving from school to school.," Davis continued. "User Management Resource Administrator is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to administer a domain. You guys at Advanced Toolware are a lifesaver," added Davis.