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Chino Valley Unified School District implements UMRA

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Chino Valley Unified School District

  • Tools4ever's UMRA was implemented to automatically manage user accounts across the domain, as well as integrate their SIS with Active Directory, so that account provisioning is fully automated
  • Time spent on account management has now been reduced from weeks to minutes

Advanced Toolware Delivers Real-Time User Life Cycle Solutions for Active Directory at Chino Valley

The day-to-day management of over 34,000 user accounts was growing increasingly difficult and time-consuming for the Chino (California) Valley Unified School District. The management of all user accounts in Active Directory was an entirely manual process, creating enormous inefficiencies. The district lacked any clear standards and consistency. Third party scripts did nothing to simplify the situation or help with the management of accounts in other applications, such as Renaissance Learning, Riverdeep, Orchard, and Easy Grade Pro.

By June 2006, the system had reached a breaking point. "Because of our constant growth and limited staffing, we had to find a solution that would allow us to streamline and automate our entire user account lifecycle," said Georges Khairallah, Network Specialist for the Chino Valley Unified School District. "That's when we turned to Tools4ever."

Out of the box solution

Tools4ever immediately identified the key problems within the IT Department and identified four specific requirements:

  • Integrate user and directory management with Aeries CS Student Information System and other district applications
  • Empower users with the ability to administer Active Directory without escalating privileges
  • Allow users to perform complex tasks without knowledge of advanced scripting or programming
  • Provide transparent auditing and reporting to verify information with the Student Information System

User Management Resource Administrator, their enterprise level software package for Active Directory, to automatically manage user accounts across the domain and securely delegate day-to-day administrative tasks to employees. Automating common operations to run in the background made sense for a district as large as Chino Valley. The ability to integrate the Student Information database with Active Directory and other applications saved countless hours each day. The provisioning process, including account creation with all group memberships and home folders, was also fully automated. As a result, students use the same user name across all applications. The User Management Resource Administrator also ensures that all users are set up correctly the first time and all subsequent updates happen automatically.

Giving faculty and staff the ability to manage users had an immediate impact for the entire district. Teachers can now solve problems with student accounts, without any technical training or administrative privileges. Problems, such as a forgotten password and/or locked out user account, can be quickly solved without involving the IT department. What used to take hours to solve, now takes seconds with the click of a single button.

"UMRA's out-of-the-box database connectors saved us valuable time"

Georges Khairallah, Network Specialist for the Chino Valley Unified School District

Instant Return on Investment

Upon implementation, Chino Valley Unified School District immediately realized enormous gains in productivity. The time spent creating accounts each year was reduced from weeks to mere minutes. The process of maintaining student accounts manually was eliminated, saving hundreds Chino Valley Unified School District serves over 33,000 K-12 students. The district is one of the largest in California and has been recognized as the highest ranked school district in San Bernardino County.