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Waxahachie Improves Account and Password Management

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Waxahachie Independent School District

  • An automated account management solution easily synchronizes their Skyward Student Information System, HR Finance System and any other important systems. A self-service password reset solution allows end users to reset their own passwords without contacting the helpdesk
  • The amount of time dealing with account management was drastically reduced, as were the calls to the helpdesk for password issues, giving the IT department at Waxahachie more time to focus on implementing other beneficial technologies for the district

Tools4ever’s UMRA and SSRPM drastically reduce the amount of time spent on account management and password issues

Waxahachie Independent School District is a rapidly growing 4-A school district located in Texas. The district encompasses 13 different schools and ranks among the top of their peers in academics, athletics, and fine arts.

Currently, the district has over 8,000 students and 1,100 staff members, which in turn made their manual account and password management extremely overwhelming and tedious. "The manual process of keeping up with creating user accounts and deleting employees who resigned, terminated or retired was a headache for us," said Robert Keith, Director of Technology at Waxahachie ISD. The IT department had to dedicate one full time employee for three months in the beginning of each school year to ensure that all new and existing user accounts were accurate, and that old Active Directory and storage accounts were being properly deleted. This left them short a network engineer during an extremely busy time of the school year.

The employee account creation process also burdened several departments including the Business, Human Resources, and Finance departments, which were all required to be involved in order to ensure that the proper information was gathered, accounts were created and the employee was entered into payroll. "Trying to coordinate all of these efforts between the different offices was extremely difficult," added Keith.

In addition, their tedious manual account management process was preventing the district from implementing new and beneficial technology. "We were contemplating giving students Google Apps and Gmail accounts, but the big concern was how we were going to manage these new accounts, so we held off on the project."

Drastic Reduction in Time Spent on Account Management

Keith found Tools4ever at the TCEA conference in Texas and discovered their User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) product, which would allow the district to easily manage the creation of their Active Directory user accounts. UMRA was implemented at Waxahachie ISD to work with their Skyward Student Information System (SIS) and HR Finance System in order to automate the account management process. When a change is made to a student or employee account in Skyward, it will automatically be reflected in all corresponding systems, and accounts are automatically provisioned. Keith added, "When an employee is hired, UMRA automatically creates a user account which is a huge time saver. Employees have immediate access to systems and applications they need, whereas before it took up to a week or two before all information was completed and accounts were setup."

"UMRA is easily by far one of the best investments I have made."

Robert Keith, Director of Technology at Waxahachie ISD

Efficient Password Management

In addition to account management, the students, staff, and IT department at Waxahachie were burdened by password reset issues. Users were unable to be productive since they had to contact the helpdesk each time they needed to reset their passwords and were not able to do so when working after school hours. Seeing that Tools4ever also had several password solutions, the district implemented their Self Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM). SSRPM allows students and staff to securely reset their own passwords without contacting the helpdesk, after answering several security questions, allowing them to be immediately productive. The solution allowed them to proactively solve their own password issues without having to depend on the help desk.

Future Plans

Looking towards the future, Waxahachie ISD plans to work with Tools4ever to possibly integrate UMRA with several other of their programs such as Schoology, to further meet the needs of the district and expand upon their great relationship. "I have never worked with a company so dedicated to their customers as Tools4ever. They exemplify how all businesses should employ customer service relations."