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Bringing Relief to the IT Department

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Godley ISD was overwhelmed with rapid student growth to the point that manual account provisioning became difficult. The school district looked to UMRA to take over account creation by automating these processes.

After seeing the way UMRA automated their account creation processes, Godley ISD sought to replicate their automation efforts with their textbooks and online resources. Previously, Godley had a Google page with a list of links to their resources. This method made it very difficult for students to remember which credentials belong with which resource. Students were wasting half of their 30-minute lab time just getting logged in. By implementing HelloID’s Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, Godley was able to enhance their Chromebook investment, bringing seamless, secure accessibility to students and staff both inside and outside of the classroom. With SSO (and QR code logins up to the fourth-grade level), Godley was able to make class time a true ‘bell-to-bell’ experience.