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  • Manually managing user accounts consumed a lot of time from the skilled IT staff and was prone  to errors.
  • The helpdesk was also burdened with password reset requests for both Active Directory and Sophos Safeguard Server.

Coordinated Health (CH) is an integrated hospital and health network with locations throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey. CH employs more than 1,300 highly skilled personnel across 20 locations, with facilities including Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Multi-Specialty Clinics, Care on Demand Walk-In Care locations, and Orthopedic Injury Centers.

With CH's many locations and employees, user account management was a tedious task prone to errors. Skilled IT staff were spending a lot of time manually managing access and completing password reset requests. This was preventing them from focusing on other, more technical tasks.

CH became a Tools4ever customer in 2016 with the initial goal of enabling users to reset their Active Directory password without having to call the help desk or the after-hours technician for support.

“Doing business with Tools4ever has been a very satisfying experience from the initial sales presentation, to the project design and implementation.” 

Paul DeVries, Systems Administrator at Coordinated Health

Password Management

Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) allows users to reset their own password by answering a set of predefined challenge questions without IT intervention.

After the SSRPM implementation, CH found an immediate reduction in helpdesk calls with password reset requests. SSRPM notifies users via email that their Active Directory password will expire soon. The email provides a link for them to change their password via the SSRPM web tool. SSRPM has both a client and web interface so passwords can be reset anywhere at any time, requiring only an internet connection.

A key factor in CH seeking password management products was the challenge of synchronizing a user's password change from Active Directory to Sophos Safeguard server. Users couldn't log in to their workstation and were prompted for their old password, as CH had Sophos Safeguard encryption at all of their end points. To solve this issue, CH implemented Password Synchronization Manager (PSM). With PSM, employees only have a single password to remember and manage. Now, when end users reset their Active Directory password, PSM ensures that all connected applications receive the new password in real time.

Manual provisioning a thing of the past

Happy with their new password management solution, CH was ready to focus on optimizing their user provisioning process, as their manual approach was both time consuming and error-prone. Before IAM, every Active Directory and email account was entered manually, sometimes resulting in inacurate account information.
Once Identity Access Management (IAM) was implemented, the helpdesk no longer had to create, change, update, enable or disable user accounts. Now when name changes come via their HRIS system, IAM automatically schedules the update, notifies the user, and performs all the necessary changes to the account. This includes updating the user's home directory and email account on a pre-determined date and providing the end user with notifications on the impending change.

Phased implementation

Tools4ever breaks the IAM implementation into manageable phases ensuring success is definable and measurable. This provides staff time to adjust to the change and ask questions as each step is implemented.

CH wanted all solutions in place within 90 days of purchase. Tools4ever spent time qualifying requirements and scoping the project in detail in order to plan and schedule the project efficiently and met the deadline with ease.


With IAM, SSRPM and PSM in place, Coordinated Health can now focus their IT resources toward more technical projects. The CH IT team plan to continue building additional automations with IAM and are currently evaluating our Identity as a Service (IDaaS) product HelloID.

"I am impressed by the level of support we have received from Tools4ever. We have not had to deal with any real problems, but rather some changes and the Tools4ever support was outstanding. I usually receive a return call or email within an hour and they jump in on a session immediately to make the changes."

Paul DeVries, Systems Administrator at Coordinated Health