Whitepaper: IAM from requirement to realization

Voorkant IAM whitepaper

A step-by-step transition from requirement to realization

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is increasingly being deployed in organizations. This stems from the recognition that a forward-looking approach to Identity & Access Management is crucial to achieve cost savings and foster innovation. Organizations that implement an IAM solution go through various stages of maturity with regard to the professionalization of Identity Management. To ensure a manageable IAM implementation, the IAM solution should be rolled out step-by-step, allowing the organization to get accustomed to the new processes.

In This Whitepaper You Will Learn:

  • What is Identity and Access Management?
  • IAM in terms of: HR System, Workflow and Self Service; Provisioning; etc.
  • Phased Implementation Method
  • Connectors to other systems and application
  • Access Governance; including role analysis, design and active role management