Connector Information

HelloID connectors enable automated provisioning, identity management, and employee self-service.

Manually managing user accounts and network access rights consumes significant amounts of your organization’s bandwidth—mostly from IT staff. Your organization already provides the perfect foundation of data to fully automate this process via connections to HelloID

HelloID provides an attribute mapper to sync with your source system’s (e.g., HR system) identity data. The attribute mapper’s configuration links fields and variables to HelloID. HelloID leverages the synced data to detect changes and execute automated user account lifecycle and self-service processes accordingly.

Onboarding and Provisioning Processes for New Hires

When new employees are hired, their information must be entered into your HR system (e.g., position/title, department, location). They must also have the necessary user accounts created and provisioned with the associated access to resources. Executing these laborious, manual onboarding processes consumes significant IT bandwidth.

Once connected, the new employee information entered by your HR staff drives HelloID’s automated onboarding and provisioning. HelloID automatically detects the new user entered and executes the configured provisioning processes throughout your connected resources according to the employee’s role. HelloID creates new accounts, adds group memberships, and assigns permissions.

With HelloID, role-based access control has never been as quick or easy.

Updating Access for Existing Users

HelloID constantly detects changes made within your source system. This means that whenever an employee role or identity data changes, HelloID automatically updates users’ accounts, access, and permissions accordingly. Throughout every promotion, reorganization, transfer, or any other change, your users’ access remains up-to-date.

Without adding any additional effort, HelloID drastically decreases IT’s manual workload. Connecting HelloID to your “source of truth” maintains prompt provisioning, ensures consistency, and virtually eliminates identity management-related data entry errors throughout your IT environment.

Provisioning New Resources for Existing Users

Sometimes your organization will implement a new system, application, or cloud platform that your employees will need access to once it’s rolled out.

HelloID provides simplified configuration to assign which groups require access to the new resource, with membership determined by the synced attributes from your source system. If you connect and configure the new resource with HelloID, the appropriate users will be automatically provisioned with accounts without any extra effort.

User Self-Service

By using group memberships, HelloID’s Service Automation module facilitates complete self-service for users. Outside of role-based provisioning automations, self-service is used to provision specialty access cases and temporary projects.

HelloID leverages its groups and the attributes synced from your source system to assign the “Product Owners,” who approve or deny users’ access requests for a given resource. When access requests are approved, HelloID automatically processes the group membership changes to provision the new access, which may include a revocation date. 

Deactivation and Offboarding 

As part of processing user account changes, HelloID swiftly deactivates and offboards departing employees once their status changes within your source system. HelloID detects the employment change entered by HR and automatically updates the user’s accounts and access—removing them in this instance.

Once the employee’s status has been changed, HelloID deactivates accounts, removes group memberships, and revokes access to the connected systems and applications. This minimizes offboarding delays, orphan accounts, or overlooked access rights and expensive licenses.

IT no longer has to wait for notifications from HR; HR simply makes the change for the given employee, and HelloID processes the rest.

Simplified Management and Security 

Executing identity management tasks requires dedicated knowledge, elevated permissions, and significant time and effort. By connecting your IT resources to HelloID, these tasks become automated processes.

HelloID automatically detects these changes and executes user account management processes accordingly. HelloID’s automations eliminate the need for HR to notify IT and for IT to then spend significant time manually creating and provisioning accounts. Additionally, HelloID provides delegated forms for instances that fall outside of the standard management.

HelloID’s automations and delegated forms allow Tier 1 IT and HR staff to initiate provisioning and management tasks without elevated permissions. As a result, HelloID increases these user groups’ efficiency without having to assign them elevated permissions—decreasing security risks.