Working in the IT Department of a School Can Be Stressful

Manual IT processes within the education industry can be time consuming. IT and helpdesk staff are frequently overloaded with mundane password reset requests, on top of their other duties.

While yes, these processes give the IT department a major headache, they can be just as annoying for the end user. Almost all students and staff require access outside of the school’s network on a daily basis. If they are locked out of their account or forget their password, then what?

With students attending classes and working on projects at off-peak times, a forgotten or blocked password is a big issue. If the IT department has ceased operations for the day, the student is left unable to access their learning materials. Furthermore, the IT department then has to start work every day with an email box full of tedious password reset requests.

While it seems like a simple problem to address, many education entities are reluctant because of cost or security concerns. The goal of access management is for users to have appropriate access 24/7, without straining the IT and help desk staff. This can be achieved with a Self-Service Password Reset solution. This allows users to easily reset their password 24/7 based on simple, predefined questions. This allows users to regain instant access to their learning materials without burdening the helpdesk.

Furthermore, features such as Two-Factor Authentication add a layer of security to further ensure the identity of a user. With two-factor authentication, users are sent a text message or email containing a PIN code. Once the user enters the correct PIN code, the password can be reset.

A recommended practice for any organizations looking to implement a password reset solution, is to evaluate the return on investment. How much time will it save the helpdesk? What will the reduction in downtime for users be? In almost all cases, the benefits of implementing a solution heavily outweigh the cost of implementation. To see the ROI in action, read about how Pinellas County School District and Colby-Sawyer College saved time and money by implementing a self-service password reset solution.

For more information, check out our blog post on Password Management Best Practices.

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