Ways to Securely Handle Cloud Applications Without Compromising the User Experience

More and more businesses and schools are moving into cloud based systems, and with a recent uptick of security breaches it is becoming increasingly important to develop systems that prevent the wrong people from accessing secure applications.

Security breaches are very serious, and businesses and schools need to get out in front of it and not lag behind as network security is an ever changing landscape. Cloud applications have spread far and wide in recent years and we need ways to handle them securely while not destroying the user experience. So what are some easy ways this can be achieved?

• One way is by implementing a password synchronization application that allow changes in passwords to flow out into many different systems. This can also improve security also as it forces a change in password for an application that requires a complex password to all other systems which might not require this.

• Another way is by using an identity management solution. This can assist in the creating, updating and most importantly disabling/purging of accounts in cloud systems. This last one is the most important because it allows you to quickly deny access of terminated users to systems. This software is not only useful for removing terminated accounts, but also for other reasons such as department changes. For example, after a department change someone might no longer need access to an HR or financial system, and these types of access rights should be revoked immediately.

There are many more ways in which software can be leveraged to secure cloud applications than just these. This is a good starting point for any businesses or schools that are a looking into expanding into cloud applications but don’t want to compromise the user experience.

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