The Many Issues With Password Management At Large Organizations

Password management can often times be troublesome, especially in a large and growing company. When an end user forgets his or her password, helpdesk technicians are needed to assist with the process of resetting. Often times in large organizations, it’s common for multiple users to need the assistance of the helpdesk with more than one technical related problem.

Many organizations chose to implement a password management solution to allow employees to easily reset their own password after correctly answering several security questions. With a password management system in place, the organization can allow the helpdesk to be more attentive to the complex problems at hand, rather than the simple ones pertaining to a password reset. With a structure such as this configured, the amount of “hands on” technicians needed to support the helpdesk would be greatly reduced, and more time would be dedicated to the elevated problems at the current time.

Another major issue that a password management solution can solve is the waste of time that occurs with password resets. When a user contacts the helpdesk for assistance, the time of both the technician and the user become consumed. Again, with a password management system in place, the user can now reset their password on their own, thus freeing up the time that would have been required by the technician to assist the user.

In today’s day in age, stress is always a key factor of any employee, regardless of whether they are on the technical side or not. Any issue that relates back to the helpdesk is always going to elevate a potential stress issue. With password management, a plan can be put in place to structure a user to no longer need to panic, but rather follow a few simple steps in accomplishing a reset on their own.

Overall, a password management system is ideal for solving multiple security and time related concerns on both the technical as well as non-technical aspects for an organization. From a economical standpoint, less technical hands on employees would be necessary to the organization, allowing future financial resources to be allocated towards other areas in need of strengthening.

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