Day in the life of a user who doesn’t have SSO

Single Sign- On (SSO) is something that can become second nature and can be easily forgotten about when it is in place. From using all your programs without any lag time, to being able to log onto a work device by simply swiping a ID card. Things that make accessing your needed programs easier and faster is something that, if it was in place, would make the work place a bit different. Doesn’t this sound great?

Starting your work day off in the morning might not be as simple if you didn’t use SSO. Logging onto your workstation would remain the same but now for all 7 applications you need to open you would need to manually enter all your complex credentials. This not only takes up time, but it is also quite an annoyance if every time you needed to access your applications you need to enter your credentials.

If you work in an industry where you are directly working with a customer, for example a teller at a bank or even a nurse at a hospital, this process effects both the employee and customer. Needing to enter and login into each application to assist the customer greatly effects the customer service experience. Also, in the event that you forget the password to your applications, you need to go through the whole process of resetting your passwords if you haven’t already locked yourself out. The customer is not going to want to wait around for a password reset!

A single Sign On solution allows everything to run more smoothly. SSO allows users to easily login with a single set of credentials to all of their in-house and web applications. This allows your employees and customers to quickly and easily get the help they need.

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