SSO: The Greatest Employee Perk Since Designated Parking Spots

Like many other professionals, I used to have a hard time remembering all the passwords to every system I utilized on a daily basis. Trying to recall the various requirements for each password, for each system, can be a cruel and daunting task. My biggest fear is forgetting said passwords, and as a result, having to spend an hour or more on the phone with the IT help desk, just trying to get them reset. That is an hour that could be spent standing by the water cooler, discussing last night’s Game of Thrones episode, or if my boss is reading this, calling clients.

I’ve heard over the years that coworkers would keep an excel spreadsheet with all their login information, or a nice Post-It note under the computer, their credentials spelled out for anyone to see. Not a bad idea for the employee, however, not such a good idea for the company, this would be the perfect example of a high security risk.

When I first began working at Tools4ever, I learned of their Enterprise Single Sign-On (E-SSOM) software. E-SSOM is a solution, which allows employees to only have to remember one set of credentials. To learn about E-SSOM, the features, benefits and the various applications supported, was eye opening. However, once I began to use E-SSOM, I thought I would never be able to remember another password again, but the beauty of it was, that I wouldn’t have to.

Once I entered my single user name and password I was thereafter automatically signed into ALL my applications and systems once they were opened.  Goodbye Post-It notes, so long excel spreadsheets, and never again would I need to call the help desk to have my passwords reset.

Working at Tools4ever I have been able to enjoy the benefits of using E-SSOM, something that I had not had the benefit of using at past companies. It gave me more time back in my day to focus on actually working, and not remembering passwords.

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