Securing Manufacturing Data

Like many other industries, the manufacturing industry often has issues with ensuring the security of their data. Though manufacturers are keenly aware of the importance of data security, they do the best with time and money permitting. One of the biggest challenges in securing operational data is ensuring that only the correct people have access to the data needed to perform their jobs.

Many cost efficient applications are available on the market to easily allow the creation of roles within an organization. One is role-based access control (RBAC), which basically defines who should have access to what data and application based on several factors, such as department, job title and location. This allows them to easily ensure that each employee has access to only the data they need to perform their jobs.
Another major issue that manufacturing organizations face is insuring accounts are provisioned and de-provisioned in a timely and accurate fashion. This is even more important for organizations who have high turnover rates or who often hire temps. Commercial software tools are available to link HRM systems to network accounts and ERP/MRP solutions. This insures that when an employee joins an organization they have the correct rights to do their job and when they leave, all access is revoked.
Additionally, many manufacturing organizations often use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. ERP software generates a tremendous amount of data, all which needs to be kept secure. What is needed is a modernized ERP solution. Often employees have upwards of seven sets of credentials to access different parts of their ERP. Imagine the time-consuming process of remembering which set of credentials allowed you to access specific pieces of data.
It is important to note here that any RBAC or identity management solution should have the capabilities of interfacing with the ERP solution to properly set, update and revoke roles automatically by interfacing with the HRM solution. This reduces or eliminates the need for manual intervention, saving time and money.
These are just a few of the many issues account and password management issues manufacturing organizations face. Learn how you can further improve processes by visiting our website – .

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