Reduce Account Errors Through Automation

Johnny just started his new nursing job on Monday. He was given the tour of the facility, shown where the medicines are located, where out-patient is, what to do when a new patient arrives, what forms need to be filled out, what steps to take when processing a new request, what systems to log-into when requesting information or medication and how to close out a patients’ case upon discharge. A few days later when he was finally on his own it came time for him to do it himself, he tried to log-in to the EMR system, ERP system, and other various applications was getting the same error message, user not found please create your new account.

This created a series of laborious tasks to follow and hours of precious time wasted dealing with the helpdesk, management, HR and countless other departments confirming Johnny’s date of hire, his role within the organization, what applications he should have access to, and what devices he needs to have, amongst a myriad of tasks that not only have to be verified but approved by varying managers.

This scenario is all too common, no matter what company Johnny happens to be working for, not just a hospital. The employee is often sat waiting several days for all of their proper permissions, access or equipment that he or she needs to start his job. More importantly, this is even more of a problem when Johnny is leaving the organization and the permissions are not taken away in a timely manner.

Automating account management is the most effective, efficient and secure manner to assure that these errors don’t occur. Automating the user lifecycle from the time the user joins the organization to the time he leaves. An admin simply adds the user to Active Directory, checks off which accounts and access need to be generated for the employee and they are automatically generated without needing to manually create these accounts.

This assures that they are granted access to their applications on day one every single time so they are immediately able to do their job through their final day with the organization when permissions and access to secure confidential files and applications are revoked the instant that they are removed from Active Directory. This allows organization a better way to report and adhere to various government regulations such as SOX, HIPPA and many others, as well as feeling confident that there is a set process in place and that it’s followed every single time.

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