Password Resets in Education; A Major Hassle

Many schools and Higher Education organizations struggle to balance securing their infrastructure by requiring strong password policies and the high costs of resetting these forgotten complex passwords.

This problem is often made worse by policies that require users to periodically change their passwords. More often than not requiring complex passwords leads users to write down their credentials on random pieces of paper or on sticky notes at desk in plain sight for everyone to see, in order to remember them. You also often see the staff and students returning from holiday breaks forgetting the myriad of passwords for the all their applications that they are required to use. Additionally, one of the biggest issues with password resets is that often users are doing projects or work after school hours and after the hours of the helpdesk, making it impossible to reset their passwords.

IT administrators would love to lock this type behavior down and change polices so this doesn’t happen; especially those who run on skeleton crews of 1 or 2 help desk administrators and are burdened by a huge amount of password reset calls.

How do you solve this annoying issue? Giving the end users the ability to reset their own passwords. A Password Reset and Synchronization will offers password-management capabilities including password self-service, policy enforcement and password synchronization. Users can easily reset their forgotten passwords themselves without contacting the helpdesk, by simply correctly answering a set of challenge-and-response questions. End users can easily reset their passwords without a headache, and helpdesk employees aren’t overwhelmed with calls!

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