Password Resets Beyond AD

Resetting passwords does not have to be limited to the AD. Your end users can forget any of the myriad of login credentials that they need during the course of a day. A self-service password reset solution can connect and allow increased efficiency and productivity while simultaneously reducing your enterprises held desk requests; the very definition of a win-win.

The best part is the ease of use for your employees.

  1. A user forgets his or her password and clicks on the extra ‘Forgot Password’ button to reset their password
  2. The user answers a set of security questions and then is able to reset his or her password.
  3. Only when all questions have been answered correctly, the user can reset his or her password.
  4. The password is reset instantly and the user can use the new password to login.

That’s it! No more leaving passwords on the monitor or under the keyboard. No more frantic calls to the help desk while on vacation, during the weekend or in the middle of the night.

Case in point is South County Hospital. The hospital was facing many password issues and was experiencing a large number of help desk tickets. Using a self-service password reset solution the hospital was able to integrate with all the applications the institution uses; Outlook Web Access for email, the standard Windows credential provider as well as remote web access for people working outside the network. The hospital was even able to modify the security questions which users would be asked when resetting their passwords. “The ability to choose questions that have an answer that only the user would know yet are easy to remember is important” said Ken Hedglen, Information Technology Manager at South County Hospital.

Due to this integration South County was able to reduce help desk password reset tickets by almost 90% allowing System Administrators the ability to focus on core competencies and special projects!

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