Password Management Woes: “I have to call the helpdesk again!?”

How many times over the course of your career have you forgotten the password that logs you in to your computer? It’s safe to assume that some days start out the same; drinking a cup of coffee in front of the computer screen wondering if an “ !” or a “ $” was put at the end of your password. Usually after a couple of failed attempts, a call to the IT help desk is required to have the password reset. This process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how busy they are. I’m sure we can all agree that it is a frustrating task.

self-service password reset solution enables end users to reset their password by answering a set of predefined questions. The “forgot my password “button is added to the logon screen, making resetting passwords safe and easy. A long drawn out call to the help desk is no longer necessary and this method can reduce help desk tickets up to 90%.

This type of password management solution also offers Two Factor Authentication and SMS Authentication for an extra level of security. This method allows for a pin code to be delivered to the end user via a personal email or text message. The main benefit of this is that it allows resetting passwords to be more secure. Not only does the end user have to answer their personal identification questions, but they also have a personal device at their disposal to retrieve their pin code.

Remote employees can also utilize self-service password reset solution  by resetting their passwords by accessing a Web Interface. Many vendors also offer a mobile friendly solution, making the website simple to use while on a handheld device.  If you are a laptop user and don’t have a connection to the corporate network, what do you do if you forgot your password?  An offline mode enables you to logon to your computer, without resetting your password. This allows for 24/7 availability without having to worry about the hours of the IT helpdesk.

When a company implements a self-service password reset solution  they are allowing for a safe and secure way to save time and money. The administrative work for the IT department will be significantly reduced and the end user will spend less time locked out of the network.

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