Password Management: A Learning Process

If you work at a school or in the education industry, you know how difficult password management can be. Personally, I remember having to ask my teacher to reset my password almost every other time we had to use the computers for class in high school. Students have many other things on their minds including their social lives, homework, grades, sports, locker combinations, To them, remembering what their credentials are to the applications they use on the school computers is secondary. The constant need to contact the IT department, while it might not seem like a huge deal, actually can have a big impact on the learning experience.

The following are several ways which password management issues can be annoyance to both students and employees and actually hinder the learning process.

  • Schools, especially high schools and elementary, often do not have a designated help desk. Instead, it is simply just the system admins or IT department who has to reset passwords and handle any other password issues. While password resets are not a difficult task to perform, when they have to handle this issue for hundreds of students, it can be time consuming.The IT department, unlike a helpdesk, is not available to solve user issues all the time. So constant password resets is a huge disruption when they are handling other important projects. How can the IT department help with technology that can help students in the learning process, when they repeatedly have to perform simple, mundane tasks?
  • As mentioned earlier, students frequently forget their passwords! This isn’t something that happens once in a while, but rather frequently. Especially after a winter or summer break, students tend to forget all about school, including their passwords. When students have to contact the appropriate person to reset the password, or ask their teacher to do so, and wait for it to be completed, they are taking away from the time they could be learning and doing their work.
  • In addition, one of the biggest issues facing education entities when dealing with password issues, is that students often do their homework after school and need to access systems and applications from home. If they need to reset their passwords after school hours they cannot do so, and in turn can’t do some of the work they need to do since the IT department is not available.

So how can you easily solve these issues you ask? A simple password management solution such as a self-service password reset solution.  Just like you are able to do on your secure banking websites, students are able to securely reset their passwords by correctly answering their predefined security questions. So instead of having students telling their teachers they couldn’t do their homework because they forgot their password (whether that’s a lie or not) they will have no excuse.  In addition your IT department will love that there will be a huge reduction in password issues, allowing them to focus on other projects.

Learn more about how a self-service password reset solution works.

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