Improving patient care with a simple solution: Single Sign On

Single sign-on allows healthcare providers to assist and perform their job in a much more efficient manner; thus allowing them to give their patients better and faster care.

Caregivers need quick access to patient data from any location in the facility in order to get the patients’ medical history, treatment history and other vital data. This could be for a quick solution or a hectic emergency surgery or, in extreme circumstances, the difference between life and death. Physicians can utilize an SSO authentication management system that allows them to login to Windows quickly with an access card and PIN code! The automated login module ensures that a user only identify himself once with their PIN and card and do not have to log in fresh for each application, thus saving critical time.

This system then also allows them the capability to carry open sessions between workstations, maintaining their data needed for each patient. So, clinicians can easily move from room to room without needing to reopen all of their sessions.

The system allows for self-service registration, again making it unique to the caregiver, increasing the security of the information. In addition, SSO authentication management systems allow for linking files to access systems so information is wherever the physicians need it most.

Lastly, there is the delegation module that allows for an employee to be grant restricted access to another employee for specified period of time. A perfect example of this is if employee ‘A’ is on vacation and is having someone cover his shift, and employee ‘B’ and needs the access to employee ‘A’s’ information on their system.

With this type of system, every employee at every level will have the tools and resources to do his or her job more efficiently as well as more effectively. They will be saving resources, time and most importantly, lives.

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