What is the Purpose of Identity Management Software?

Today’s technology world is bogged down by different systems, applications and resources.  Amongst all these, is the necessity to access all the different platforms quickly and easily.  This is where Identity Management comes into play. A person or in the technology world, the “end user” will have to not only need to have accounts created in each platform, but also need to easily access these using a valid login and password.

Identity Management is the concept of having one source for user information input, and then having that one identity managed and linked across all necessary components.

Identity Management software is the best and most efficient way to do this.  By utilizing software that can manage different user accounts, these identity management process can be created seamlessly for the end user.

Several different types of tools are available to assist with Identity and Access Management. These include:

Automated Account Management Software: This software allows for user provisioning as well as, easily managing the entire life cycle of an end user.

Self Service Password Reset Software: Allows for end users to easily reset their own password without having to contact the helpdesk

Single Sign-On Manager: Provides authentication management for logging on to an Active Directory environment in addition to signing on automatically to all necessary configured applications.

Password Synchronization Manager – Helps to synch an Active Directory password across all necessary platforms.

These are just some of the IAM tools which help manage identities in the marketplace.

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