IAM for Retail: 3 Issues & How to Face Them

If you work in the Information Technology Department of a retail organization, you know all too well that turnover of employees can be extremely high, sometimes in excess of 70 percent. This leads to many issues for both the IT department and end users. There are several solutions to these issues though!

The following are several issues which retail organizations face and how to mitigate them:

  • Quickly Creating Accounts

System admins have to get all the correct information about the employee and then manually enter and create accounts in all systems and applications that they will need in order to perform their jobs. For a company who has hundreds or even thousands of employees across many locations, this task can be a full time job for one or more employees.

Several leading retail organizations have implemented an automated account management solution to easily automate the account provisioning process eliminating many hours of work. Admins simply enters the employee information into a form, and the solution automatically creates accounts in all systems and applications necessary for that employee. This allows the task to be taken off the hands of IT personnel if needed and delegated to other less technical department such as Human Resources.

  • Security Issues with De-provisioning Accounts

The process of de-provisioning accounts can also be a headache. Due to the high turnover rate, employees are often unintentionally left active on the company’s network for some period of time. This is because an admin has to be notified of the employee’s departure and manually revoke access in each system.

An automated account management solution can also assist with this issue. Once an employee leaves employment at the organization a manager simply has to make the change on the employees profile and all accounts connected to that employee are automatically disabled. This helps to ensure that employees who are no longer with the company cannot access anything on the network.

  • Who has Access to What?

Another major issue which many large retailers face is no visibility into exactly who has access to what system and what changes that employee is making in the network. In the mess of provisioning and de-provisioning accounts, the organization loses track of which employees have access to what applications.

Many retailers also take advantage of the ability of many IAM solutions to provide an overview of accounts. This overview shows exactly who has access to what applications and what changes they are making in the network. Managers can then easily see what changes and corrections need to be made and easily make them.

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