How many systems/applications do your employees need to login to each day?

How many applications do you need to log into everyday in order to perform your job? I’m sure the answer is at least two. Most of the time each system will require a different password complexity, making each password for each system different. The task of remembering all these passwords can be daunting. It can also be time consuming to have to call the help desk every time a password needs to be reset.

How can an organization tackle this problem? One way is by having a unified password across multiple systems. A password synch solution will pick up password resets and send the new password to all connected systems. This will ensure that all passwords are the same and the end-user will only need to remember one password.

If an organization doesn’t want identical passwords across various systems, another way to combat this problem is by implementing a Single Sign On (SSO) solution. When a company rolls out an SSO solution the end-user will only need to logon to the application once. After the initial logon, every time the user goes to login to any system or application that they have access to, the logon process will be automatic. This method eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and reduces the number of times the user has to call the help desk for reset requests.

If remembering numerous passwords is becoming an increasing problem for your organization, there are various solutions that can help. Password management can be extremely beneficial for any organization no matter what size or in what industry. It can save time and money while increasing security for the company.

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