Healthcare Organizations & Up-to-Date Data Sources

One concern of many healthcare organizations is ensuring that their data sources are up to date with the most current and correct contact information for their employees and patients. This is extremely important in an industry that needs to stay in touch with their patients, doctors and staffs in order to contact them in a case of emergencies, medical records, updates etc.

All systems and applications need to be current with the correct phone, pager, address, etc. on each and every patient and employee. This is often difficult to accomplish because hospitals and medical organizations use many different applications and systems. Ensuring that all information is correct can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

One hospital on the East Coast was having just this issue. They needed to ensure that all of their systems were up to date with correct employee and patient information. Specifically, they needed their Active Directory, Cisco Phone system, Blackberry Exchange Server and a pager system, amongst others to have the same correct information. This was exceedingly difficult though since each application needed to be updated separately and there was often different information in each of them with no clear authoritative source. Like many other healthcare organizations, they needed a full time employee just to manage all of the data and account changes.

The hospital decided to use technology to their advantage and implement an automated account management solution. The solution allows them to automate and synchronize all of their applications to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This in turn allows them to easily make a change or update information in their ERP system and have it reflected in all connected systems. So, for example any time an employee changes departments or position, or a patient changes address, the change only needs to be made in the ERP system and it then gets changed in all appropriate connected systems.

This is one simple solution implemented by many organizations which allows healthcare organizations stay up to date with correct patient and employee data without having to spend numerous man hours manually going through each system and application.

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