Fast Authentication: SSO, Smartcards, Badges, & More

In today’s work environment, it is not uncommon to see smartcards, ID Badges or even Biometric devices as a means to entering establishments, accessing computer devices, or clocking in and out. These types of tools are used in conjunction with a traditional password to ensure advanced security.

Single Sign-On solutions are often in with a traditional password and one of these additional tools to ensure users can log in efficiently while also keeping the network secure. How does this work?

A lot of tools, such as ID badges and smartcards, utilize a RFID chip which stores the user’s identification to then be read by the receiver (computer device, door access panel) by means of an RFID scanner. The RFID scanner then determines who the user is by searching through the database for the identification within the RFID scanner. The same basic principal is used for other solutions such as barcode scanners, fingerprint scanners, or even retina scanners.

These identities are linked to the users account within a database that will return the users account information. If paired with an SSO solution the user will only need to enter a single password and present, for example their ID badge which will verify their account information. They can then gain access to all of their systems and applications.

This allows for efficiencies so that employees do no need to enter several sets of credentials, while also ensuring security by requiring users to have to forms of identification.

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