Eliminating Password Issues for a Better Education

In our ever evolving technological world, education is no exception. With schools straying from standard business hours and offering more courses online, the need for 24-hour password and account unlocking services is essential. It is also very common for IT helpdesk to have spikes in call volume after holiday and summer breaks causing a loss of productivity while educators and students wait on hold for assistance. So how can technology help ensure that students don’t have to deal with this issue and can access the resources they need in order to complete their work?

Many educational entities have chosen to implement a self-service password reset solution which eliminates the costly helpdesk premiums that are associated with the needed 24/7 IT support. This type of solution allows students to easily reset their own passwords after correctly answering several security questions, without needing to contact the help desk! Not only does this allow students to be more productive by being able to quickly reset their passwords and get back to their work, it also can save the school a great deal of money. There is no longer a need for full time help desk employees allowing education providers to allocate these funds to other technology needed.

Since education is such an imperative part of our society, it is vital that educators keep up with the need for not only around the clock support, but also giving users the power to reset and unlock their own account. Password reset software is the key to not only eliminating IT cost, but also giving users the freedom to access information when they need it so that they can spend more time focusing on what counts.

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