Automated Account Management’s Front End: What it is and Why it’s Beneficial

Automated account management software is a great tool for automation inside Active Directory. What if you wanted to put some polish on the regular AD users and computer interface in order to allow your HR Employees to do the following:

  • Create users on demand
  • View your logs in a nice format and anywhere in your network
  • View your current licenses and see how close you are till you go over and have to order more users.

These are all things that can be accomplished via a nice front end to automate account management software. Using a front end allows your users to have a simple and easy interface for sending requests for approval or creating and modifying Active Directory accounts and any other connected systems, without any needed intervention from the IT department.

Another common use for front ends is self-service. For example, say a user needs to change their personal e-mail address, their home address or any other contact information that you might store in Active Directory and any other connected systems. You’d usually have to get the user to contact someone to give all their new information to and have someone manually change the necessary information in each system. This can become troublesome and slow down parts of your organization.

An automated account management solution usually comes with a backend database to manage mappings so you can configure which attributes from your HR system map to which attributes in Active Directory based on the type of user. Since working in databases isn’t part of everyone’s expertise this is where something like a front end can also come in handy. It will put a nice interface on that database and allow you to manage the mappings of different user types, even adding and removing attributes that are no longer necessary.

A front end for an automated account management solution is one of the best ways to improve the overall end user experience. It frees up time for employees that manage the systems that are connected for manual and on demand processes. Therefore not only does a front end save your employees time it also allows complicated Active Directory actions to be completed by end users in a simple and easy to use interface.

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