Are repetitive tasks costing your company a lot of money?

Organizations are constantly looking for ways that they can cut costs and do things more efficiently. One area which should be looked at is the many manual repetitive tasks that employees have to complete. Many of these tasks not only take a lot of time to complete, but also often require full time employees to complete these tasks; employees which could be working on other projects. Often account management tasks fall under this category. Creating and managing employee’s accounts is not a highly technical task, but it is extremely time consuming.

Identity and access governance (IAG) is one solution to this issue. An IAG solution automates the repetitive account management tasks that can consume an inordinate amount of time from the IT staff. In addition, user accounts are created quickly, efficiently and securely.

IAG allows for two different options. The first is, linking to an HR system to pull data on new employees, update changes to existing employees and terminated employees; the second is to drive account management tasks to hiring managers or the employees themselves.

In the first scenario when an employee is hired, they are typically entered into the HR system as a precursor to their first day at work. Using this as an authoritative source, an IAG system can detect new employees and create their network and email accounts, as well as provision them to both on premise and cloud applications they need to be productive on their first day.

The second scenario requires manual input, but instead of the IT staff doing everything, the responsibility is driven down to employees or managers. A hiring manager can be provided a web form to compete basic information – name, department, title, start date, etc. and this form can be “work flowed” to other managers for approval, with the IT group being the final approver. Once approved by IT, all accounts are then automatically created. A web-based workflow process can also be implemented to effect immediate terminations and quickly shut off network, email and application access.

Overall IAG solutions allow to reduce the time spent on repetitive account management tasks, so that organization can focus these resources elsewhere.

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