Need to Reset Your Password After Leaving the Office?

What would you do if you got home from a long day at the office and you realize that you have forgotten to send an important presentation to your boss? It is saved on your laptop, and you have it with you, so crisis adverted, right? Wrong! You can’t remember your password and the helpdesk is closed. What do you do?

In an ideal situation, you would be able to reset your own password without having to call the helpdesk. With the help of a self-service password reset product, it is possible to answer a set of pre-defined questions and reset your own password!

Through the use of “offline mode” the employee would be able to answer their questions without being connected to the company’s corporate network. This will allow them access to their computer, without having to fully reset their password. Several solutions also offer a web interface. The web interface will allow you to reset your password from your mobile device, making resetting your password available 24/7 even on weekends and holidays.

Implementing a self-service reset product sounds like a logical idea, but is it secure? By establishing predefined questions, the risk of fraudulent requests for password resets is avoided, by establishing the end- user’s identity.

Many solutions also offer the ability to have all actions done within the product recorded in an audit log. This is especially helpful for both large and small business who have a number of standards to follow. In addition, system administrators will have complete control over the complexity of the password.

If an extra level of security is required, multifactor authentication can be applied. With multifactor authentication, a code will be delivered via text message or a personal email address for the end user. This ensures the identity of the employee, before the password is reset.

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