Ease authentication for young students with QR code logins


Learning and technology go together as it has become apparent that technology is an effective way to engage students. However, technology introduces challenges to the classroom such as cost, administration and ease of use; particularly for younger students or those with special needs. 


Software companies spend a lot of their design process focusing on the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of their products. However, these products are typically geared towards an adolescent or adult user. In a classroom, however, students can be as young as four years old, or may have special needs. This makes actions that are easy for a “typical user” more difficult for them. 


For K-3 students or those with learning impairments, the username and password authentication often results in being locked out of the eLearning environment. This then requires teacher assistance in order to regain access, which takes valuable instruction time away from the class. To learn more about managing technology in the classroom, you can read our post 'Managing a 1:1 Learning Environment in K-12'.


A way to combat this issue is to implement a QR code login to replace the standard username and password. This offers students of all ages and abilities a simple means of access to their eLearning environment. 

With a QR code login, all a student must do is hold the QR code in front of the device's camera. When your IDaaS solution reads the QR code, the student is logged in. QR codes are often adhered to a student badge or journal, with another copy in the teacher's possession in case of loss or damage. Another copy can be provided to the parents for ease of access when work must be completed from home. 


In education, all students should be able to utilize and benefit from the learning resources available to them. Using a QR code login allows students of any age or capability to gain access to their eLearning environments from anywhere, at any time. 


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