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Single Sign-On (SSO)- the greatest thing to happen to employees since designated parking spots!

Like many other professionals, I used to have a hard time remembering all the passwords to every system I utilized on a daily basis. Trying to recall the various requirements for each password, for each system, can be a cruel and daunting task. My biggest fear is forgetting said passwords, and as a result, having to spend an hour or more on the phone with the IT help desk, just trying to get them reset. That is an hour that could be spent standing by the water cooler, discussing last night’s Game of Thrones episode, or if my boss is reading this, calling clients.

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Single Sign On

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Tips to easily and cost efficiently meet hipaa requirements

Compliance is a complex issue in many industries and organizations, and there are major fines and potential punishments for not meeting the laws and regulations. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) is one of the main regulatory laws for the healthcare industry. As you probably already know, HIPAA protects the use and disclosure of patient data and ensures that healthcare organizations have the correct security measures in place to protect patient data.

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How to easily create user accounts from PowerSchool

It appeared from out of nowhere. An old companion replaced by the new kid on the block. It promised changes and more organization, and it delivered. It has implemented itself as the superior element in the classrooms throughout school district. It is Power School, and it plans to revolutionize schools for years to come. Power School is a student information system that promises easy-to-use software, for both parents and teachers that will help keep more accurate and precise records. Now with all this data at your fingertips and an increased number of user accounts, how do you efficiently manage and transfer that data to Active Directory?

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