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“Self service password synchronization”- an elegant combination of two concepts

The terms “Self-Service” and “Password Synchronization” are heard frequently today in IT departments around the world. Most find themselves challenged with a growing user base plus an ever increasing number of applications in use per user. In this context “Self-Service” often pertains to resetting passwords but applies to many other areas as well, some of these topics are beyond the scope of this blog entry but Tracy Major of Computerworld does a great job of exploring the particulars further.

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Password reset , Password synchronisation

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What is the best database backend for an IAM solution?

If you, have day to day dealings with IAM software you will learn, with most products you need a database backend. There are many choices including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and many more. In my experience though, while none of these are bad, Microsoft SQL seems to be the stand out database.

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Course folder management- an astonishing commonly unknown feature of an iam solution

There is a lot of functionality which makes up an IAM solution but course folder management is functionality which continues to astonish system admins. When obtaining an identity management product, one would not expect the ability to manage the full lifecycle of student course folders, but this is a feature which has proven to be extremely beneficial. Interestingly enough, requests for this type of functionality have become common, as more and more schools have begun looking for additional functionality from their automated account management solution.

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User Provisioning

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