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Managing contractor accounts giving you a headache?

Does your company hire outside workers or contractors who work for a limited amount of time at your organization? Managing these types of accounts can be a headache since there is constant movement, and employees of this type need to be quickly added but then also promptly removed when they are no longer working for your company.

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User Provisioning

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“Self service password synchronization”- an elegant combination of two concepts

The terms “Self-Service” and “Password Synchronization” are heard frequently today in IT departments around the world. Most find themselves challenged with a growing user base plus an ever increasing number of applications in use per user. In this context “Self-Service” often pertains to resetting passwords but applies to many other areas as well, some of these topics are beyond the scope of this blog entry but Tracy Major of Computerworld does a great job of exploring the particulars further.

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Password reset , Password synchronisation

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What is the best database backend for an IAM solution?

If you, have day to day dealings with IAM software you will learn, with most products you need a database backend. There are many choices including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and many more. In my experience though, while none of these are bad, Microsoft SQL seems to be the stand out database.

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