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Password management woes- “i have to call the helpdesk again?!?!”....

How many times over the course of your career have you forgotten the password that logs you in to your computer? It’s safe to assume that some days start out the same; drinking a cup of coffee in front of the computer screen wondering if an “ !” or a “ $” was put at the end of your password. Usually after a couple of failed attempts, a call to the IT help desk is required to have the password reset. This process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how busy they are. I’m sure we can all agree that it is a frustrating task.

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Password reset

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Googleapps for education: weighing the hidden time factor!

As a System Administrator, you might be considering adopting Google Apps to enable students to access their e-mail, calendar, documents, and presentation materials from any computer with an internet connection. Many IT administrators though, have found that the projected time versus the actual time and complexity is very different, and is actually much more time consuming and complex than they first thought. This increases their total cost of ownership from Google’s free applications, compared to Microsoft Office 365.

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SSO- more than just Single Sign-On

You probably know that Single Sign-On (SSO) software allows users to login with a single set of credentials, but there is much more to SSO than that! Did you know that SSO has many other features which save both your employees and helpdesk a lot of headache? Here is a brief outline of some additional features that many Single Sign-On solutions have:

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Single Sign On

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